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We develop data management systems that improve decision making and execution.

Complete control over your data and workflow

We develop automated systems to solve specific data management challenges.

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Mobile Data Collection

Allow your team to collect data in the field with mobile devices. We build custom data collection tools our clients need for successful implementation.

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Automated Data Management

Automated data management means that data collected in the field is automatically saved to your database. Automation eliminates time spent downloading, cleaning, and uploading data.

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Geospatial Analysis Map Gallery

Data driven map design is the key to effective geospatial analysis. We integrate web maps that leverage powerful geospatial analysis tools into all of our projects.

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Monitoring Indicators and Impacts

We develop systems that are designed for each client's specific needs. Our code allows clients to track progress for all of their project's indicators.

Complete control over your organization

We develop applications that help clients manage budgets, projects, and teams. Our technology makes it easier to monitor progress in the field while sharing important information with stakeholders.

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Project Specific Design

Most projects have nuanced indicators that require special attention. We develop databases and user interfaces according to each project's requirements.

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Maintenance and Scaling

We provide assistance with database and application maintenance throughout the lifespan of a project. We are dedicated to helping our clients scale and update their technology over time.

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Monitoring Multiple Projects

We develop applications powered by databases and APIs that allow headquarters to monitor multiple projects around the world with a single interface.

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Design Sprints

Sprints are weeklong workshops where solutions can be prototyped and tested before implementation in the field.
We use the same approach as Google.

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Built to Solve Your Problems

Most data collection and management companies offer rigid software as a service that cannot meet all of your needs.

These companies don't provide a database or automated workflow designed to solve your specific data management issues. Projects that require data collection and management must have these capabilities, or they will constantly struggle to meet their monitoring and evaluation goals.

Contact us to discuss a custom-built alternative.

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"Focus on managing your projects, and we‘ll develop the software that powers your data collection, management, and analysis. We work with all types of organizations to develop custom made software that solves issues for teams on the ground."

Jefferson Francisco, Owner

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