Coffee Stabilization Project M&E

We developed a data management M&E system for the NCBA CLUSA Coffee Stabilization Project in El Salvador.

We developed a data management system for the NCBA CLUSA Coffee Stabilization Project in El Salvador.

The project is supporting coffee farmers in El Salvador through commercialization and training. NCBA CLUSA uses the data management system to monitor over 7,500 individual producers and 250 organizations.

Key advantages of the system:

  1. Mobile data collection with offline capability
  2. Automated syncronization between mobile collection and database
  3. Monitors 128 indicators
  4. Requires oversight instead of active data input from supervisors

This application measures progress toward 128 specific indicators. 

Mobile Collection

Field workers no longer have to fill out forms by hand, download data, or manage spreadsheets. Data ollected in the field with mobile phones automatically syncs with the system's database. Workers can collect data without any network connection. Once information is collected and the user reaches a 3g network, the phone syncs with the system's database and data is ready for review by M&E supervisors.

Monitoring Indicators

This project measures 128 progress indicators that were established by NCBA CLUSA and USDA's Food for Progress program. Data that is collected in the field and input by NCBA CLUSA staff is used to measure progress toward these indicators. NCBA and USDA staff in Washington can log in to the system and review progress.

Individual level data

NCBA CLUSA staff and project stakeholders can view project information at the individual beneficiary level. This allows staff to verify data, contact individuals, and improve project management.