FFPr Project in the Dominican Republic

We developed a M&E data management system for a Food For Progress project in the Dominican Republic.

The Automated Data Management System

K&F Consulting developed a monitoring and evaluation data management system that measures 89 FFPr indicators for NCBA CLUSA.

This system allows veterinarians employed by the Dominican government to collect data in the field (offline if necessary). They sync their data with the database when they reach a 3g or wi-fi connection with the press of a button. 

The system automatically sorts the data into its corresponding tables and to the corresponding farms. For example, if an extension worker collects production data for a farm, the data is automatically synced with this particular farm in the database.

This system measures 89 Food for Progress indicators in real-time.

Once the data is synced, it automatically begins to count toward indicators. So, NCBA CLUSA can see the 89 project indicators updated in real-time.

This system eliminates time spent downloading, cleaning, and uploading data.

Data Visualization

We developed visualizations that provide an overview of the project. This serves two purposes: data-driven decision making and martketing.

The following are some screenshots of the application.





Indicators and Performance Analysis




About the FFPr Project

NCBA CLUSA is managing the USDA funded Food For Progess project in the Dominican Republic. Known locally as the Progana Project, NCBA CLUSA will, over the course of five years, increase the value chains in two sectors in the Dominican Republic: beef and dairy.

This project improves agricultural productivity by increasing the use of improved techniques and technologies; improving farm management; increasing the availability of inputs and use of financial services; strengthening the capacity of government institutions and key groups; and increasing the leverage of private sector resouces.