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Optimized M&E processes and workflows that increase team productivity, efficiency and data quality.

Quick deployment

Launch an advanced M&E system faster than ever.

Develop forms & indicators

Set up your team


We use a process and set of tools that ensure quick deployment.

The following features comes configured by default:

    • Team management
    • Mobile data collection
    • Report generation
    • Data exports in Excel
    • SQL query interface
    • Automated email alerts and summaries

Since these features come configured, we can spend all our time developing forms and indicator calculations.

Automated workflows

Automation frees teams up to focus on analysis.

Currency, area, and weight conversions

Exchange rates for each country update hourly. When data is collected in the field, the current exchange rate is stored with the data. This ensures that currency conversions are based on the exchange rate at the time of data collection.

Area and weight data is associated to units of measurement that convert automatically.

Data is always organized.

Collected data is automatically organized by:

    • NGO
    • Project
    • Country
    • Data collector & supervisor
    • Parent data (e.g., an organization, farm, etc.)

Use QR codes to connect data to a parent.

In some cases, you need to collect data that is associated to a group, person, business, location, etc. Data collectors assign the data by downloading a data collection tool that contains an overview of the parent data and QR codes. Data collectors scan the QR codes during collection and sync with the server. The data is associate to its parent when it reaches the database.

Continuously up-to-date

Reporting becomes more like a drumbeat than a big bang.

Your monitoring and evaluation keeps pace with the speed of your team.

A continuosly updated database offers a steady stream of data to your organization. All members of your team can see changes sooner and participate in decision making.

Indicator Measurement

Indicators update as your team collects data.

Generate indicator reports.

Create an indicator report by selecting date ranges and countries. The application uses data from those dates and countries to calculate indicators.

We develop the queries for measuring indicators with your team during the initial phase of the project.

Data Exports

Export data in Excel documents or write your own SQL queries

Heroku's Data Clips interface for SQL queries

Download data and run queries.

You can download your data in Excel. We also provide access to Heroku's SQL interface for running your own queries in SQL.

Weekly Summaries

Receive a weekly summary email about recent M&E activity.

Get a reminder and update every week.

Every week your team receives a summary of the latest M&E activity. We can customize the summary to show more important data and visualizations.

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K&F Consulting solutions

    • Quick deployment
    • Automated data management workflow
    • Continuously updated indicators
    • Data export options
    • Weekly summary emails
    • Training & support
    • Ongoing improvements to analysis

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