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F2F-DM (Farmer to Farmer Data Manager) is a data management platform for Farmer to Farmer projects. F2F-DM integrates volunteer onboarding, data collection, and indicator analysis into one M and E application.

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Here is a screenshot of a host profile.

Volunteers receive invitation emails with instructions on how to set up their account.

The volunteer receives automated emails and sees alerts on their profile with indications to complete assignment information, recommendations, and surveys.

Volunteers add recommendations with this form.

Teams collect baseline, impact study, and assignment data with ODK Collect. This is an example of a report generated with data collected in the field.

This is a screenshot of a question from the mobile form survey that uses ODK Collect.

Data is saved to the database organized by country, collector, host, assignment, etc.

Go to the F2F-DM website →

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