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Des produits / Dairy Coop. Food For Progress Project

We developed a monitoring and evaluation system for NCBA CLUSA's Food for Progress project in the Dominican Republic. Teams collect data in the field with mobile devices and monitor the data in a web application.

Known locally as the Progana Project, NCBA CLUSA will, over the course of five years, increase the value chains in two sectors in the Dominican Republic: beef and dairy.

This project improves agricultural productivity by increasing the use of improved techniques and technologies; improving farm management; increasing the availability of inputs and use of financial services; strengthening the capacity of government institutions and key groups; and increasing the leverage of private sector resources.

Once agricultural productivity is improved, the project also aims to expand trade and export by adding value to post-production; increasing the adoptions of standards and certifications; increasing access to markets; building linkages between buyers and sellers; improving post-harvest infrastructure; increasing the use and efficiency of post-production processes; improving the policy and regulatory framework; and strengthening the capacity of key organizations in the trade sector.

Here are screenshots from the web application we developed for the project.

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