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Monitoring and Evaluation Data Manager (M/E-DM) is a SAAS  product designed to be customized for your project's requirements and launched quick. 

The following features come configured by default:
  •  Team management
  •  Mobile data collection
  •  Report generation
  •  Data exports in Excel
  •  SQL query interface
  •  Automated email alerts and summaries

Since these features come configured, we can spend all our time developing forms and indicator calculations.

Our team can have M&E-DM set up and running for a project in a couple of weeks. We develop the forms and indicators with guidance from your team. The rest comes configured with the app and database. 

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K&F Consulting manages all of the development, hosting and maintenance. We can provide updates if the project changes.

Here is a screenshot of a map from our demo.

In some cases, you need to collect data that is associated to a group, person, business, location, etc. Data collectors assign the data by downloading a data collection tool that contains an overview of the parent data and QR codes. Data collectors scan the QR codes during collection and sync with the server. The data is associated to its parent when it reaches the database.

Here is an example of a data collection tool for associating data. This keeps data organized and eliminates the need to constantly clean data.

M&E-DM has an intuitive user interface. Here is an example from our Farmer to Farmer Data Manager that shows some components. The tabs, maps, and edit buttons are easy to distinguish and navigate.

Data is automatically organized by country, project, collector, etc.

Indicator reports can be created by filling out this form.

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