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Des produits / Coffee Food For Progress M&E in El Salvador

We developed a monitoring and evaluation system for NCBA CLUSA's Food for Progress project in El Salvador. Teams collect data in the field with mobile devices and monitor the data in a web application.

To combat the coffee rust fungus that has caused up to 80% harvest losses in El Salvador, NCBA CLUSA is working with our local partner CLUSA El Salvador to rehabilitate the coffee sector through two main priorities:

  1. Increasing the productivity of the coffee value chain through improving agricultural techniques and technologies for coffee and diversi ed products, building the capacity of government institutions and producer organizations and cooperatives, and increasing access to improved inputs.
  2. Expanding trade of agricultural products by increasing the value of post-harvest products and access to markets through improved marketing and market linkages.
With CLUSA El Salvador as primary sub-recipient, the project will work with 7,500 coffee producers, 50 producer organizations and cooperatives, and government agencies and the private sector.

Here are screenshots from the web application we developed for the project.

Produits de S&E


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