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Des produits / Direct Trade Coffee Platform

We developed a coffee supply chain software as a service.

We developed Café Internacional in 2015. Café Internacional is a web application that facilitates direct trade between smallholders, co-ops, and roasters. Farmers use the application to promote their farms and sell coffee. Roasters use the application to find available coffees, order samples, quote logistics prices, and pay for coffee lots online.

We were able to sell 30,000 lb. of coffee via the web application. The key features of the application are:

  1. Maps of farms
  2. Roasters can request samples from farmers
  3. Coffee quality information listed with lots
  4. Logistics price quotes
  5. Payment processing for logistics, samples, and coffee purchases
  6. Specialty coffee auction platform

Here are screenshots from the Café Internacional UI.

Produits de S&E


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